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 Pots and Artwork at the Gallery

Pots and Artwork at the Gallery

 Works by Holly Rigg   

Works by Holly Rigg



Libbet Loughnan & Camilla Walford Exhibition

Transforming the gallery for the month of November, will be the art work of Libbet Loughnan and Camilla Walford, make sure you come down and check out their beautiful works and join us at the opening night on the 29th of October

29th October until 25th November

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'The Day the Queen Came to Geelong' By Libbet Loughnan

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'Winding Road, The First of Many'; By Camilla Walford

About the Artists...

Loughnan’s paintings and sculptures reflect a childhood rich in family warmth under the Australian sun around Geelong, stories encountered across countries in adult life, and a desire for more reflection on the place of humans within nature. Many are commissioned portraits. Her works have received numerous awards internationally can be found in collections worldwide (USA, Hong Kong, Australia, Mexico, Italy, and Thailand). She has enjoyed solo shows in the USA (NYC), the Philippines, and Australia (Melbourne and Geelong), and is working towards another in NYC (February 2018). 


Camilla Walford lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. Having studied art, design and photography, she has found her passion painting watercolours of aerial images taken from all around the world. Camilla has travelled extensively throughout her life and follows many professional aerial photographers' works such as Tommy Clarke, David Maisel, David Burdeny, Gray Malin and more. While the photographs are inspiration for her paintings, her signature style and independent interpretation of aerial images are what make her artworks unique. The artwork sizes range from A2 to 100cmx600cm and are completed on cold press watercolour paper.


For more information and to further works by each artist, follow the links to their sites


Amy Wright

We are excited to welcome Ceres based artist Amy Wright and her exhibition Narrative opening 5th- 26th of August. Opening soiree 5th August 5pm  - 7pm.


Narrative is a series of abstract paintings that documents the experience of observing a landscape.

Wright is influenced by the digital and analogue tools we use to catalogue our experience within an environment. NARRATIVE references both our curated ’stories’ on Instagram, snapshot style of documentation and the collection of tangible objects that we take away with us as mementos to validate our experience.

Working in a style reminiscent to collage, the works piece together   the focused fragments of photography, the nuances of our fading memories and tactile qualities of collated keepsakes.

Pattern, shape, texture and colour are used to create a sensory narrative of the landscape.


For more information on Wright and her work  -


Lyn Pring & Ryan Brearly

"Domestic Order & Chaos" 20th June- 15th July

'In life I surround myself with colour and pattern. I have always been drawn to dolls of all characters, broken and intact. To me this combination needs to be balanced with nature. Having natural elements indoors and in my still life paintings is very necessary to me. My paintings are neither abstract or realistic because my life isn't like that. We all need to express ourselves in different ways and my paintings are an expression of who I am.' - Lyn Pring


'I am a Tonalist. I paint to the elements of tone, form, colour and edge. My subjects are what I find and choose to surround myself with. This recent work often includes pottery, predominantly from Remued, a pottery based in the Melbourne suburb of Preston and made between 1929-55. I have always painted still life. Still life lets me express what makes my mind and heart soar and challenges me to push my painting every time I start a new canvas.' - Ryan Brearley



 Lillian Sprague

Lillian Sprague

Lillian Sprague

Lillian is a Geelong based abstract artist, designer and teacher. Her work is vibrant and imaginative allowing the viewer to interpret their own emotions and ideas through colour. 

"Abstract art is a style that she has always loved. When she decided to paint after taking a break for many years she was naturally drawn to this style. The style offers her the opportunity to express a non -objective reality and experience a strong sense of tranquillity and inner peace" - quote from website.

While the exhibition is now finished here at The Coach House you can find Lillian's work at

 Annabelle Farquarson and Phoebe Rolleston

Annabelle Farquarson and Phoebe Rolleston

Annabelle Farquarson & Phoebe Rolleston

Mother - daughter duo Annabelle and Phoebe exhibited in November 2016. Their combined work was colourful, imaginative. They had a wonderful, busy opening night and we loved having the combination of the two with their contrasts in the gallery.